Quality Policy

We give attention to even minutest of details given by customers. They demand quality from us and we deliver it to them without any compromises. The basic and high grade raw material is used in the manufacturing process. This prerequisite material is quality tested prior to its use. Besides, the final product is checked for quality as well. The quality testing activity is conducted by the experienced team of Quality Analysts. Our stringent quality testing procedure has helped us to meet customer demand with premium grades of Graphite Crucible, Carbon Graphite Crucible, Graphite Packing Rings, Graphite rods, Graphite bearings, Graphite tubes, Carbon Brushes, Graphite Slide Rails, Steam Joint Rings, etc.

Our Products

We are manufacturing, exporting, importing and supplying a comprehensive range of products. It is developed with the use of finest grade raw material such as graphite powder, carbon powder and metal powder. Our finished product is listed below:

  • Carbon Products
    • Carbon Brushes
    • Carbon Contact & Current Collector
    • Carbon Rail
    • Carbon Seal Rings
    • Carbon Steam Rotary Joint
    • Carbon Thrust Disc High Speed Bearings
    • Carbon Vanes for Vacuum Pumps
    • Carbon Steam Joint Rings
    • Carbon Piston Packing & Turbine Rings
    • Carbon Piston Packing Rings
    • Carbon Turbine Rings
    • Carbon Segments Rings
    • Carbon Bushes
    • Carbon Bearings
    • Carbon Vanes
  • Graphite Products
    • Graphite Rods Blocks & Graphite Crucible
    • Carbon Graphite Crucible
    • Graphite Slide Rails
    • Graphite Tubes
    • Graphite Nozzles
    • Graphite Heaters
    • Graphite Plates
    • Graphite Powders
    • Graphite Sheets
    • Graphite Glass Moldings Boats & Jigs
    • Graphite Segments
    • Graphite Components
    • Graphite Bushes
    • Graphite Bearings
  • Mechanical Seals
    • Mechanical Seals For Water Pumps
    • Mechanical Seals For Chemical Pumps
    • Mechanical Seals For centrifugal Pumps
    • Mechanical Seals For Agitators
    • Mechanical Seals For Compressors
    • Mechanical Seals For Milk Pumps
    • Mechanical Seals For Reaction Vessels
    • Mechanical Seals For Textile Machineries
    • Mechanical Seals For Rotary Pumps
    • Mechanical Seals For Steam Rotary Joints
  • Graphoil Packings
    • Graphoil Packing Rings
    • Graphoil Gaskets
    • Graphoil Sheets
    • Graphoil Tapes
Our Infrastructure

Housed in a well spaced area, our infrastructure is equipped with various advanced machines and tools. The machines deliver higher productivity. It further helps us in meeting market demand with world finest range of Graphite Crucible, Carbon Graphite Crucible, Carbon Brushes, Graphite Slide Rails, Steam Joint Rings, etc. The experienced and competent team of engineers, technicians and other professionals proficiently handle these machines. They also upgrade the fitted facilities in our unit as per the changes and innovation taking place in the marketplace.

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